Youth (6th-12th Grade)

“Our mission is to establish a safe and creative environment for the development of character and spiritual formation among the young men and women of our parish. We strive together with them to learn the ways of discipleship and sacrificial service in pursuit of Christ’s vision, participating fully in St. Edmund’s commitment to receive and share God’s accepting Grace, challenging Wisdom and transforming Love.”

Youth Ministry Commitments

  • Sabbath – Model simplicity and sacred balance to youth and help families find rest and balance in a hyperactive culture.

  • Prayer – seek to ground life and ministry in a prayerful relationship with God. We practice and teach many forms of prayer but are particularly committed to regular periods of contemplative prayer in order to be healed, inspired and guided by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Covenant Community – a committed community of spiritual companions who sense a common call to spiritual growth through Christian living and ministry to young people.
  • Accompaniment – we seek to initiate young persons into mature Christian faith through relationships with elders who join them in living the way of authentic discipleship.
  • Discernment – seek to discern and respond faithfully to the call of the Holy Spirit in our lives and ministry with youth.
  • Hospitality – seek not only to accompany young people individually on the way of Jesus, but also to advocate for them in finding their place as fellow ministers of the gospel in the larger community of the church and its mission in the world.
  • Authentic Action – seek to support youth and adults in becoming instruments of God’s grace who courageously resist the principalities and powers that oppress life and creatively reveal the reality of God’s love.
Confirmation with Bishop Talton

Confirmation with Bishop Talton

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Regular Gatherings

The core of Saint Edmund’s youth ministry for 6th-12th grades takes place on Sundays.

  • In the mornings at 10am older and younger youth meet concurrently but separately.
  • In the evenings  we have a bi-monthly program called “Radix” which is usually the 2nd & 4th Sunday from 7-9pm.

Major Events

In addition to our regular gatherings there are often “major” events nearly every month. These events can include just the youth from our Parish or the youth from other Episcopal Parishes in our area (Deanery), or even youth from the entire Diocese.  These events tend to have a focus on fun (Ex: bowling) or service (Ex: Bad Weather Shelter).


We have an active youth Acolyte ministry.   Acolytes must be baptized and entering 6th grade. If they have not been confirmed, they should plan to participate in a confirmation class as soon as it is possible and convenient. Due to the size of our processional crosses and banners, and the length of processions, acolytes must be in Middle School.


Our next Confirmation program will take place during the Fall (beginning September) of 2014 in preparation for our annual visitation by by one of our Bishops.


StEdY Staff

Heather Blackstone
Director of Youth Ministry