Mission & Outreach

At St. Edmund’s, one of the many ways we strive to “walk the talk” is through the efforts of our Mission and Outreach work, engaged in a variety of local and international efforts.

Locally, many of our parishioners are involved in the work of Hillsides Home for Children (www.hillsides.org) , an institution of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles providing residential and outpatient care for abused, abandoned and neglected children. The large Pasadena campus includes a school facility, a recreation facility, and wonderful supervised apartments for over seventy children. One of Hillsides’ off campus sites is located at the Cathedral Center of our Church, located in Echo Park .

Another long time commitment has existed for St. Edmund’s in the staffing and support of the Pasadena Bad Weather Shelter , offering shelter and dinner to homeless families and singles throughout the Winter months. We provided the Bad Weather Shelter with new cots recently, and make annual financial contributions in addition to the labor of many volunteer parishioners.

We strive on the Mission and Outreach Committee to support those endeavors where our parishioners most find themselves engaged.

Among those commanding significant attention are The Kensington Home (www.thekensington.org) , an Episcopal home for the elderly where many parishioners volunteer, Union Station (www.unionstationfoundation.org) , a homeless shelter in Pasadena providing short term care for the homeless, and also assistance for those willing and able to make the transition to employment and stability. Foothill Family Service (www.foothillfamily.org) provides counseling, social services, and mental health treatment for children and young people in several languages, and represents one of our newer commitments.

In addition to supporting the Diocese of Los Angeles with an annual Mission Share Pledge in excess of $50,000 we are involved nationally with the work of Episcopal Relief and Development (www.er-d.org) extending disaster relief in the face of sudden calamity, as struck recently along the Gulf Coast of the United States, and also for the development of sustainable agriculture, housing, medical care and much else around the world. You may wish to view a parishioners recent trip to Africa to support efforts their to combat HIV/AIDS at (www.er-d.org/africapilgrimage.htm)

Our international efforts include our Companion Relationship with the Anglican Diocese of El Salvador (www.elsalvador.anglican.org) and with Cristosal (www.cristosal.org) working in El Salvador . Our young people made a pilgrimage to Isla Méndez in coordination with youth from the Diocese of El Salvador in the summer of 2004, accomplishing a joint mission trip and transformed and deepened hearts all around.  Cristosal has announced the 2015 open courses for their Global School, which can be found here.

In the Northwest Territories of Canada we support indigenous peoples in cooperation with the Lutheran and Roman Catholic Churches through the organization On Eagles’s Wings (www.oneagleswings.org)

Healing Hearts Across Borders is an endeavor especially near our hearts. Founded by former Parishioner, the late Dr. Kevin Lake. Healing Hearts Across Borders (http://www.healingheartsacrossborders.org) travels quarterly to the dump site in Tijuana, transporting physicians, dentists, medical students, nurses, clergy, translators and others to meet the needs of over 700 people per visit.

These and many other of our endeavors are showcased annually at the Alternative Christmas Faire, offering opportunity to support these ministries as a Christmas Gift to one of your friends or family members. St. Edmund’s strives for a servant ministry, even as we have been taught by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.