Children (K-5th Grade)

Our commitment to the children is to encourage lots of questions, participation in and a better understanding of the Bible, Sunday worship and our Episcopal faith. We also want to make this process engaging and fun for the children. This year we are continuing with the curriculum we used last year called Living the Good News. This curriculum is Episcopal Lectionary-based. Parents and children will hear the same scripture stories in the liturgy, in class and they can enjoy sharing the lessons they have learned with their families at home. Children will gain a better understanding/exposure to “things Episcopal”. This curriculum follows the church year, the creeds, prayers, saints and feast days of the Episcopal Church. Our classes will explore God’s world through stories, games, group play, crafts, prayer and …music!!!
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Cassandra Kirby
Sunday School Director




Music will continue to be an important part of the children’s Christian education. Richard Seymour, our children’s music director, will continue to inspire the children to find the song in their hearts and certainly the spirit behind their singing. This year we will have 6 weeks of choir in the fall beginning November 9 culminating with a performance at the children’s Christmas program on December 21. The winter/spring choir session will begin on February 8 and culminate in a performance at the fourth annual Community of Choirs event at St. Edmund’s church on March 22. This is a fun program for all of the children who participate!

The children’s Sunday school will also introduce two outreach service projects the children, with the help of their teachers and families, will participate in for the year. Children in grades 2-5 will focus on Kevin Lake’s Healing Hearts Across Borders(HHAB) with a toy drive in December, a clothing drive in February, a toothbrush drive in May and school supply drive in August. The children in grades K-1 will begin learning about the Pasadena Humane Society, participate in the Wiggle Waggle Walk on October 11 and make toys or treats for the animals in need.

Our own parishioner, Ann Athey, has set up a St. Edmund’s team for the Wiggle Waggle Walk (more to come about this event). The Pasadena Humane Society’s mobile van will come out in the spring to introduce all the Sunday school children to the PHS, give them a brief education and meet some animals up for adoption. Emma Woodman, who is working on her Girl Scout silver award, will set up a note card station for children in the Pre-K class and those who arrive early to church. These cards will be distributed to the senior residents at The Kensington Episcopal retirement community in Alhambra by Father George. Children will be able to craft and color their own note cards. Your children will reap the many rewards of giving to others and recognizing that there are others that may not be as fortunate as they are. It is a wonderful way for a young person to begin thinking about service to those in need. Please continue to help your child remember to bring in their coins for the classroom stewardship basket emphasizing the importance of giving to one’s church community as well.

This year we will introduce Children’s Sermon Sunday the second Sunday of every month, beginning September 14. The children in grades 2-5 will take the adult roles as greeters, ushers, oblation bearers and lectors. This is an excellent way to learn about the church and roles that take place during a service. Father George’s sermon for the children will take place after Announcements at which time the K-1 and Pre-K class will come into church to participate. There is no better way to learn than by doing.