Foundation Cristosal

525The Board of Foundation Cristosal meets in San Salvador this coming week, with board member Gail Rolfe and Vice-Chair George Woodward in attendance.

We will join in the consecration of the second Anglican Bishop of El Salvador on January 31st, and the Rector will lead a retreat on Sunday afternoon February 1st. Your prayers are asked for the ministry of our Parish and Diocese in El Salvador.

Brian Tyler is hosting a Dinner at his home Friday March 6th to introduce Young Adult Service Corp missioner Hannah Perls, serving with Foundation Cristosal.

The dinner is in support of salary needs for Celia Medranos, who recently joined Cristosal as Chief Program Officer, and who formerly served as Consul General from El Salvador in Washington D.C. If you would like to participate in this event, contact Brian, Gail Rolfe or the Rector.